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CRM for Muthoot George

Customer Relationship Management is one of the most important aspects in a service sector and more so for a NBFC. well established NBFC from south India expands its operations to north India. The company was finding it difficult to track the manually maintenance of Customer Relationship Management. Language barriers were also a hurdle which brought a gap in the communications sent across.With $250 million in revenues then, the NBFC has since grown into  India's largest private sector lender, complete 70,000 loans daily.  We take pride in being part of their growth story.


  • A completely automated CRM
  • API with existing software to make it completely web based
  • Stratified reports for marketing department, finance department and recovery departments
  • Individual performance reports for Customer Relationship Executive
  • Validation of reports for incentive schemes
  • Advertisement & Promotion Management vis-a –vis popularity of scheme
  • Completed automated CRM
  • Training of core team by netBIOS at a venue of their choice to ensure perfect implementation
  • The call centre management was the first module
    • Daily Reports sent to relevant branches
    • Product interest clearly defined and reports gave clear picture of customer choice
    • The reports further sent to Customer Relation officers who had to convert these enquiries to actual
  • Branch Management
    • Conversion reports sent to relevant branches and then to HO
    • Validation by Branch Manager to calculate incentives 
  • Marketing management
    • Marketing team can set targets for the CCs, plan follow ups etc
    • Advertisement management on need – approval- release basis.
  • Recovery Management
    • Reports to plan and execute recovery