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A new age Management school with options for distance education needs an application to manage its day to day activities in a simplified manner.  The existing system was mainly manual in nature. The data was maintained in excel sheets and transfer of data between offices is through email. They had software which was a desktop application and not fully utilized due to report issues. The advantage of computerization and such advanced systems were not properly utilized.

Student enrollment, Enquiry Follow-ups, Scheduling, Reporting, Study Materials, Fees, Exams, Results etc were done manually or physically through papers. Management got the MIS reports
through email. The system did not have structured way of operation and hence was found to be less efficient. Student Enquiry, Study Material Dispatch, Fee Collection and Exam Management were the key areas which required immediate attention.

The suggested application post study by technical team
A centralized online CRM and Student Management System. The data will be kept in a centralized database which can be accessed in the CRM and Student Management Application. Based on this data, CCAs, CCEs and Managers can make timely follow-ups to turn that enquiry to a Business in a well structured and effective manner.

  • By implementing this system the staff at NIBM  improved their productivity without any additional burden to them.
  • Managers could continuously evaluate and monitor the Enquiries /Businesses and other relevant things and take necessary actions as and when required. Live reports could be accessible to the management without any delay. The status of the students could be tracked by the managers.
  • Students will be able to access their course details and study materials online.
  • They will also be able to apply for the exams and submit their online exams through the login provided to them.